Cool (as in physicist cool) Links

This page is meant for all to add links to physicist cool sites. I’ll start with the following:

1. Can hot water freeze before cold water (same initial volume and container)? (hint: yes!!!)
Article by Jeng
The article was published, with slight modifications, in Am. J. Phys. 74, 514 (2006). There is also an article by Katz Am. J. Phys. 77, 27 (2009) that presents newer results.
The link was suggested by Spaz.
2. Mathematica link to Screencasts
If you want to learn a bit more about Mathematica the following site has excellent screencasts (view the longer ones, they’re more useful):
Mathematica 6 tutorials
An excellent newer screencast that helps those of you with Mathematica 7 and also is useful, to a point, for Mathematica 6:
Mathematica 7 Overview


30 Responses

  1. Resistors are easier to read, but what about capacitors? I stumbled across the link at work and thought it to be very useful for anyone who needs to read the codes off of pesky capacitors:

  2. Rob S. submitted the following link of cool physics demos/simulations:

  3. The following are great youtube videos of Faraday’s cage. They show how inside a conductor the field is zero although probably hundreds of amps go around a cage with a person inside. They are loud videos..
    Tesla cage of death

    Faraday Cage

    I particularly like the next one, it is about 2 minutes long but very well done.
    Electricity Faraday Cage Lightning on a Car

  4. Cindy has provided the following link. The topic is relevant to Condensed Matter. Considering Cindy is into dancing she might want to set up an experiment that verifies the claims. The challenge is to find the music that optimizes the generation of electricity.

  5. The Simpsons on Graduate Students

  6. Shaun F. submitted this link highly relevant to the FIFA World Cup 2010 (the beautiful game). It is about the physics/flight of the controversial, Jabulani, world cup ball.,252365

  7. Great physics comic link:

  8. Signature of antimatter detected in lightning

    Fermi telescope finds evidence that positrons, not just electrons, are in storms on Earth

  9. For the Mathematica 7.0 lovers out there, the following links take you to some neat intro demos:
    “Hands-on Start to Mathematica–Part 1”
    Part 2

    (Don’t forget to connect your speakers)

  10. What’s more, I’ll include the link to the American Institute of Physics “Employment Data for Physicists and Related Sciences”

  11. The American Institute of Physics has recently posted info on the companies that are hiring physics bachelors by state. The link is the following:

  12. Physics Sing-a-longs… because who doesn’t love singing about physics?

  13. The following CNN link was provided by Rob K. and it relates to work on detecting explosives his research site conducts. Should we award a prize to those who can find Rob’s two appearances on the video…?


    You’ll have to install Microsoft’s Silverlight, but you can watch Richard Feynman’s famous physics lectures at Cornell back in 1964.

  15. Two very cool links related to total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy were provided by Yawar:

  16. The website is, sorry I forgot to insert that.

  17. Hey guys, I got a really cool internship doing research. My advisor is having me try to publish a paper as well as develop a web site by the end of the summer. The website is if you want to check it out. Im testing my advisors hypothesis as well as trying to find excess energy like Electrochemistists had in 1989. If you guys read it and see errors, please be critical and send me an email!
    -Kyle Gilroy


    Recently I was wondering about the mysterious duality between the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulation of mechanics. In changing from the canonical coordinates q, q’ in the Lagrangian formulation to q and p in the Hamiltonian formulation (a seemingly innocuous change in units from v to mv), what is the explanation (without equations) for the mysterious change in sign from L=T-V to H=T+V? The above article answers these questions and more in the context of Legendre transforms.

  19. I thought this link about super lenses was pretty “physicist cool”. 🙂


    A great collection of free mathematics textbooks in .pdf or .dvi format written by some of the best mathematicians…i.e. Hatcher, Thurston, etc.

  21. The following link, provided by Cindy L., to a cartoon shows how physics majors from other schools tackle homework. I am almost convinced it does not resemble any of our majors….

  22. The following link, provided by Rich S., is something that makes you think more students could have done over the years:

  23. The following link was provided by Cindy L., it could be very useful for teaching high school physics, intro and upper level physics classes:

  24. The following links were submitted by Ted L. and are of great web sites where you can find wonderful explanations and interactive demos of wave motion:

    Longitudinal waves in a string:

    Waves in a pipe:

    a simulated electronic piano:

    Very cool harmonics applet with predefined instruments:

    Waves on a guitar’s surface (mpg movie):

    Patterns of standing waveforms:

    Thumb piano:


    Beats applest:

    Doppler effect:

    youtube videos:
    Tacoma bridge collapse:

    Breaking a wine glass using resonance:

    Ted has a few more organized in Word documents. You can e-mail him at for more info.

  25. The following link submitted by Spaz – YQ – could be of interest to teachers and others interested in outreach/mentoring STEM kids:

  26. Ted L. submitted the following bumper sticker image:

    FightEntropy-Eat Grass

  27. The screencast for Mathematica 6 was reposted:

    It is an excellent overview of that version of mathematica.

  28. Forgot to tell you that you might not be able to access the Am. j. Phys. site…that is why the link is to the site.
    You should have no trouble with the Wolfram site.

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