RoboRacer names – 2012!!

Majors in Analog and Digital electronics have meditated for countless hours and finally became inspired to name their bots for this year’s competition. The picking of the top names is left to you. Extra credit points for team members are on the line…pride is too! The whole list of names for RoboRacer previous competitions can be found in


13 Responses

  1. And the winner is: Carnot Cycler (291 votes – 26.6%)
    second place: Robotrippin (267 votes – 24.4 %)
    honorable mention: Mr. Roboto ( 207 votes – 18.9 %)

  2. Robotrippin dies!

  3. Carnot Cycler might be the least funny one here why is it winning

    • ^^ Not the real DGSilvs, Imposter! O.o

    • Hello. I am a random physics fan and happened upon this website through a simple Google search on the Carnot Cycle. I must say, I find Carnot Cycler the most intriguing of all the titles listed here. Humor, it seems, can only get one so far, while wit- wit can take you to the stratosphere!

  4. :[

  5. When is the voting done?

  6. when does voting end?


  8. Go OchoaTron!

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