Independent Research Presentations Fall ’08

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The presentations were held on December 4, 2008 in room SC-P317.
Chaz Ruggieri,“Normalization of the Stokes and anti-Stokes lines of vitreous silica,” Adv. Dr. R. Ochoa
Gregory Prisco, “Generating and evaluating Putative EH1-like Motifs using computational methods,” Adv. Dr. D. Dalafave
Frank Jones, “Visualization of fracture in vitreous silica: study of under-and over-coordinated ions,” Adv. Dr. R. Ochoa & Dr. D. Knox (co-advisor)
Frank Rooney, “Using the Wiimote in introductory physics experiments,” Adv. Dr. R. Ochoa
John Beatty, “Development and testing of quadrupole electrodynamic levitation of water droplets,” Adv. Dr. N. Magee
Rachel Sherman, “Understanding Earth materials using the Wiimote, Adv. Dr. M. Benoit
Tim Magee, “Gamma ray bursts as cosmological tools,” Adv. Dr. T. Wickramasinghe
Alex Lopez, “Receiver function stacking for the Upper Mantle Discontinuity Structure beneath Ethiopia,” Adv. Dr. M. Benoit
Shari Kleiman,” Searching for the northern-most extent of subduction beneath Italy using receiver function stacking,” Adv. Dr. M. Benoit
Aliya Merali & Justin Nieusma, “Microlensing as a probe of compact masses,” Adv. Dr. T. Wickramasinghe


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  1. Well, at least it looks like I’m having fun and not dead to the world or too serious. Anyway, I believe the presentations were actually on the 3rd, the Wednesday.

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