Independent Research Presentations Fall ’09

Fall ’09 independent research presentations were held on 1/27/10 in room P-319. Fourteen students teamed up to present their fall research. Excellent attendance by majors and faculty members was appreciated. A light lunch reception followed (organized by the Physics Club and the Physics Department).

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  1. The presentations were:

    Kevin Chen & Calvin Woo, “Binding affinities of BH3 domain and Bc1-X1 protein; Inhibition of Bfl-1 protein by proapoptotic protein mimetics,” Advisor: Dr. D. Dalafave

    Megan Torpey, “Using radio transients for detection of gravitational waves,” Advisor: Dr. M. Kavic

    Paul Reardon and Frank Rooney, “Raman spectroscopy of cocrystals,” Advisor: Dr. R. Ochoa

    Cindy Lin and Corey Tong, “Sublimation of levitated ice crystals in a simulated upper tropospheric environment,” Advisor: Dr. N. Magee

    Zohaib Iqbal, Rob Sobczak, and Julian Starr, “Using the Wii balance board in intro physics experiments,” Advisor: Dr. R. Ochoa

    Kyle Gilroy, “Optical tweezers: dual trapping,” Advisor: Dr. R. Ochoa

    Alex Lopez,”Wiimotes and springs: complex harmonic motion,” Advisor: Dr. R. Ochoa

    Kelly Liszewski and Megan Torpey, “P and S wave tomographic models of Italy,” Advisor: Dr. M. Benoit

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