Independent Research Presentations Spring ’10

Presentations were held on April 28, 2010. There were 7 oral and 7 poster presentations. The talks were given in the Social Sciences Bldg. and the posters in the Student center.

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  1. The oral presentations were:
    Iqbal, Zohaib, Starr, Julian, and Sobczak, Rob, “Measuring impulse forces using the Wii Balance Board,” Mentor: R. Ochoa

    Jones, Darrick, Merali, Aliya, “Dusty Plasma Experiement – Part 3,” Mentor: R. Ochoa

    Lopez, Alexander, Erickson, Michael, “Study of coupled harmonic oscillators using the Wiimote,” Mentor: R. Ochoa

    Bohler, Ryan, “Optical Tweezers of microspheres,” Mentor: R. Ochoa

    Warner, Ashley, “What can stellar redshift tell us? (Part I),” Mentor: T. Wickramasinghe

    Merali, Aliya, “What can stellar redshift tell us? (Part II),” Mentor: T. Wickramasinghe

    Poster presentations:
    Torpey, Megan, “Using radio transients in the detection of gravitational waves,” Mentor: M. Kavic

    Prisco, Gregory, “Interactions of small molecule mimetics with Bcl and Xl and Bcl-2 proteins,” Mentor: D. Dalafave

    Tong, Corey, “Sublimation of electrodynamically levitated ice crystals under simulated upper-tropospheric conditions,” Mentor: N. Magee

    Gotthardt, Noelle, “Coherent radio emission from Gamma-Ray bursts,” Mentor: M. Kavic

    Woo, Calvin, Chen, Kevin, “Cusps from superconducting cosmic strings,” Mentor: M. Kavic

    Petriman, Alexandra, Torpey, Megan, “Crust and upper mantle structure of the southeastern United States,” Mentor: M. Benoit

    Chen, Kevin, Woo, Calvin, “Binding affinities of BH3 domain and the BCL-Xl protein/inhibition of the Bfl-1 protein by pro-apoptotic protein mimetics,” Mentor: D. Dalafave

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