Independent Research Presentations Spring ’09

[rockyou id=136873414&w=426&h=320]
The event was held on April 29 at 12:30 p.m. Fifteen majors presented their projects as part of the college’s Celebration of Student Achievement.
Cindy Lin and Katia Tymofyeyeva, “Applications of Raman& MicroRaman spectroscopies,” Advisor: R. Ochoa
Brianna Carroll, Irene Ning, and David Uhrich,”Realizing Authentic Physics Teaching through Ongoing Research,” Advisor: N. Magee
Team DPX II, Justin Nieusma, Aliya Merali, Chaz Ruggieri, and Darrick Jones, “Dusty Plasma Experiments, Part II” Advisor: R. Ochoa
Justin Nieusma and Aliya Merali, “Refined Studies of Galactic Microlensing,” Advisor: T. Wickramasinghe
Shari Kleiman and Alex Lopez,”Crust and Upper Mantle Seismic Velocity Structure beneath Northern Italy,” Advisor: M. Benoit
Frank Rooney and Will Somers, “Introductory Physics Experiments using the Wii-mote,” Advisor: R. Ochoa
Kyle Gilroy, “Eukaryotic Optical Tweezers,” Advisor: R. Ochoa
Darrick Jones and Tim Magee, “Can Gamma-Ray Bursts be used as Cosmological Probes?,” Advisor: T. Wickramasinghe


3 Responses

  1. Hey all: Just wanted to note that, if no one has taken over it yet, someone really should step up to the take over the Galactic Microlensing project that I had been working on for two years. If you have an interest in GR and Astronomy/Astrophysics, this is a good project/topic that has great potential. We made some large steps with the project, and with a little more work it should be ready to present again at the yearly Microlensing conference and there should be a publication coming soon about predictions about numbers of white dwarfs in our galaxy, differing greatly from those commonly believed, which can be drawn from our results.

    If you want to know more about this project, such as what it is trying to do and what it will entail, feel free to speak to me directly at any time, or go talk to Dr. Wick!

  2. Eukaryotic Optical Tweezers had won the Phi Kappa Phi Student-Faculty Research award. Many thanks to Dr. Ochoa and Brandon Bentzley for the help with the setup and research. Im excited for next semester where we are going to introduce some new pieces to the setup and expand our applications. I think Dr. Ochoa is going to upload some videos of last semesters optical tweezers traps so check them out…

  3. Some of the pictures are actually pretty funny, especially with the captions. Great turnout for a physics event!

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