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  1. not really a job posting – but might be of interest:

    Here is a contest to get a job interview with a proprietary trading firm (if you think you can use your physics/math skills to pick winning stocks!)

    Top 10 participants get the job interview:

  2. Hey – if anyone wants to become a programmer, and is willing to move to Michigan (or Nashville, though you may have to come to MI for a couple months first) let me know! My company (Jackson National Life Insurance) is always looking for programmers and is hiring like crazy.

    Of particular interest, my company is very willing to train programmers to do the kind of work that they need. They believe that they can take a smart and motivated person and teach them how to program, rather than take someone that can program and try to hope they are also smart and motivated. As such, they do yearly training programs where they will take applicants and put them through an accelerated course to teach Java, SQL, and some other programming languages, and how to use them in a business setting. You are also a hired employee from the very beginning, so you are paid for the training and get full benefits after 30 days or so, which is very nice. The training is difficult, but if you survived the upper level physics courses, you will be able to deal with this.

    So yeah, just figured I would share the opportunity, in case anyone was interested. Feel free to contact me if you want any more information or to ask question or for clarification. I’m not sure that any of you will want to come up to MI or not, but the possibility is here!

  3. The following info was e-mailed to me by Brian, e-mail him directly if you are interested in working in such a well known company:
    I am looking for a recent physics graduate that may still be looking for a job. I am heading quality control for the optics division, and I am in desperate need of a quality/manufacturing engineer. If there are any students you know that might be interested, please pass along my email address.

    Thank you,
    Brian Whitehead
    Quality Manager
    Thorlabs, Inc. Optics BU

  4. Reading Optics& Photonics news (OPN) I found a couple of very useful link for those of you searching for jobs:

    An April 2011 OPN article on RESUMES & CVs by Alaina Levine ( is informative for those wanting to go into industry. “You gain a considerable competitive edge in the job market by ensuring that, close to the top of your resume, you clearly establish the unique value you can provide to improve the organization’s bottom line.” She states “the purpose of any job in industry is to solve problems.” She follows by stating that “a resume/CV is your main marketing tool in your career… A CV is used for professorial and administrative positions in academia and research-heavy appointments in industry… the resume for nonresearch focused jobs and it emphasizes skills and experience” I will try to find a link for her very useful article.
    Her website seems to imply that she charges big bucks for giving advice….

  5. Another site to explore that posts job openings:

  6. AIP has a list of who’s hiring Physics Bachelor’s in NJ:

  7. Doug Jenkins has e-mailed the following posting (1/12/11)
    Weblink to all Thorlabs openings:

    Design Engineer
    This opportunity is to join the rapidly growing Fiber Optics Division of a well-known company in an exciting industry. The ideal candidate will be an entrepreneurial, self-motivated individual who thrives in a fast-paced, creative environment. The division oversees the development and production of all fiber optics related products. This position is for an entry to mid-level individual who has a mechanical and/or optical design background. Interested individuals will have a technical background and hands on experience in such fields as fiber optics, mechanical design, laser optics, polarization and telecommunications.

    Knowledge & Skills:

    * Hands on experience with Fiber Optics including coupling, collimation, connectorization, splicing, and testing
    * Knowledge of current optical design, fabrication, assembly, and test techniques
    * Experience with Optomechanics, ability to engineer mechanical systems to work with Fiber Optics and Optics
    * Working knowledge of 3D modeling software such as SolidWorks
    * Familiarity with Zemax Modeling Software is a plus
    * Design for Manufacturability, Quality Function Deployment
    * Experience taking conceptual ideas all the way through the product development process to market
    * Project Management skills with a deep sense of ownership
    * Flexibility; qualified candidates will be able to adapt to a variety of situations and projects as well as work in a fast paced environment


    * Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Optical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, or related areas
    * Technical knowledge in the fields of Fiber Optics and/or Photonics with hands on lab experience
    * Experience with SolidWorks, AutoCAD

    Location – Newton, NJ USA
    Please Contact: Human Resources

  8. Doug Jenkins e-mailed me the following job opening info:

    Optical Manufacturing Engineer
    This opportunity is to join the rapidly growing Business Unit of a well known company in an exciting industry. The BU oversees the development and production of all optics products. This position is for an entry level engineer/physicist who is a fast learner. Ideal candidates will have experience in manufacturing, an optics lab environment, and a good background in optics, mechanics, and general physics. The basic duties will be to support the existing products and technologies used in production and help with the development of new products and competencies.
    Knowledge & Skills:
    • Knowledge of Optics, Mechanics, and Manufacturing
    • Exposure to CAD programs such as SolidWorks, Zemax, or AutoCAD
    • Hands on experience in an Optics Lab
    • Flexibility; qualified candidates will be able to adapt to a variety of situations and projects as well as work in a fast paced environment
    • Minimum 4-year degree in Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or other related field
    • Technical knowledge in the fields of Optics and Photonics
    • Strong Microsoft Office skills

    Location – Newton, NJ USA
    Please Contact: Doug Jenkins

  9. Ron Durso has requested posting of the following teaching openings:

    Physics / Physical Science Position(s) Available
    Fair Lawn Public Schools, Bergen County, NJ

    Have you considered a rewarding career in education?
    Alternate route candidates will be considered.
    Contact Ron Durso, Science Supervisor (TCNJ Biology Alumn) to discuss a career in education at the Fair Lawn Schools.
    201-794-5450 x2409

  10. Recently I heard of an opening at my high school in North Jersey for a Physics Teacher. It is Northern Valley Regional High School. They need someone to fill in for the second half of this school year and the first half of next year as one of the physics teachers goes on maternity leave. If you are interested or know of anyone who might be feel free to give them my contact information. My e-mail is
    which I check daily. I will try to inquire if the job has been filled yet but in the mean time hopefully this could give someone a job in the rough economy.

  11. Hello Dr. Ochoa and recent graduates. I got a job last year at Exelon Nuclear power plant in forked river NJ. I’m currently in training (1 year) to be an operator. There will be a new class for operators starting sometime in the fall. My class consists of 16 candidates, I don’t know how many they are looking for for the fall. The job has not yet been posted, but it most likely will be posted within the next month under the title of “equipment operator”. It’s not advertised well, mostly through word of mouth, so if you’re interested keep an eye on the page I posted, there are a lot of other positions open there too and in other states. The Oyster Creek plant really likes to hire New Jersey locals though.

    There are a lot of physics majors and engineering majors that come through operations, the pay is good (you get paid in training), and it includes medical, dental, and 401k. Operations is hands on, in the plant work, and there are a lot of opportunities to move up. Be aware though that it is shift work. It’s a great opportunity for someone right out of school. You can sit in class for another year, but get paid for it. Good luck to all interested. You can contact me at if you have any questions. I wish I could give a more definitive date, but all I can say right now is to keep checking the page for new postings.

  12. Class of ’05 checking in with a couple of job openings for recent grad’s. My company is looking for one-two skilled and energetic new hires to work on a program for the DoD. I can’t post specifics but if anyone is in need of a job in the central NJ area, or is willing to commute to the central NJ area, please send me some resumes. And a favorite professor i should contact for a reference, think of it as that last grade he/she will be issuing you, so choose wisely.

    Also feel free to contact me personally about any additonal information I might be able to give on a more secure line of communication.

    One thing i can say about the job/company/program we’re currently hiring for, is its the same position i was hired for 4 years ago and it was absolutely perfect for me, I had completed the general physics track and had a couple of independant studies in the optics lab with Ochoa as my only background.

    Also if there are any post grad’s with optics experience we will be looking for someone with laser experience in a month or so feel free to send me resumes or ask questions now.

    Best of luck to all


  13. The following was received on March 25th and might be useful for alum as well as current majors:
    “Dear Professor or Student :

    Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth (CTY) is seeking candidates for instructor and teaching assistant positions for our 2009 summer residential programs. Below is a summer employment opportunity that may be of interest to you or members of your department/program. Please make this employment opportunity available to all physics undergraduates, graduates and professors. In addition, please forward this information to qualified friends or colleagues who might be interested. Attached is a flyer for posting on your department’s bulletin board.

    Thank you

    Center for Talented Youth
    Johns Hopkins University
    5801 Smith Ave
    McAuley Hall, Suite 400
    Baltimore, MD 21209
    The link is :

    • I can vouch for this program. If you’re a college student, recent grad, or science teacher, this is a great fun summer job. They have camps for gifted kids all around America and a few science courses at each site. There are probably still some Instructor or Teacher Assistant positions open at this time. Take a look, and if you have questions ask me on facebook

  14. The follwowing was posted by Michael Carcich in “Teacher’s Corner” but maybe it can apply to other viewers:
    “physics teachers graduating this year looking for a job in Northern New Jersey, tell them to email Lola Szobota @ Or they can email me (Michael Carcich) and I’ll point them in the right direction ( I believe there is an opening at our other high school (Old Tappan)”

  15. I’ve been working for a small defense contractor called Dynamic Analytics & Test for almost two years now. It’s based in Arlington, VA and we do modeling and simulation studies for the military, mostly related to radar and communications jamming. I do some technical, engineering-type analysis, but also have to get into how the technology affects hypothetical military scenarios. The company is about half engineers/programmers and half retired military guys who have used the type of things we’re modeling.

    It’s a good place to work right out of college. You learn a lot and can wind up with a good amount of responsibility. Also, the area around DC is a really good place in general for Physics majors looking for work.

  16. I thought that I made this posting before, but I guess it slipped my mind.
    A few months ago Dr. Ochoa asked me about my job search and interview process that eventually landed me a job at Northrop Grumman. Here’s part of that email. Hope this is helpful to everyone, and if you have any question at all feel free to email me.

    The whole process of job searching was strenuous, with dozen of
    applications and no responses. Along with the fact that almost every job
    available online asks for at least two years of experience, which means
    internships and undergrad research is especially important.
    The interview process was pretty intense. The first interview I had
    was a phone screening, which I thought I did horrible on since I didn’t
    seem to have any of the qualifications that he was looking for, such as
    laser and power supply repair experience. Two weeks later they called me
    to let me know I was selected for an interview in person. When I arrived
    I met with five different people, starting with the HR manager and
    ending with the person who would later be my manager. My first tip for
    everyone is to always bring a nice fresh copy of your resume with you,
    even if you’ve sent it electronically several times because at every
    interview I was asked for it. The second is to be yourself and relax. It
    might seems like the hardest thing to do, and I was definitely nervous,
    but it pays off because being genuine goes a long way. Third, don’t just
    give yes or no answers. I did that on my first interview and realized
    that it made for some really awkward moments. It’s so much easier when
    you give an answer and add a personal story to give it some meaning. It
    helps to get you relaxed and give better answers.
    Some of the general questions I was asked were, What do you know
    about this company? Why are you interested in working here? What do you
    do for fun? Along with specific questions like, What are the different
    classes of lasers and the safety system for measuring them? How do you
    frequency double a laser? What is a beam collimator? And my favorite,
    How would you describe a laser to a group of 7th graders? Even when you
    don’t know the answer to a question, tell them what you do know about it.
    At the end of each individual interview they always ask “Do you have
    any questions?” After saying no the first few interviews I went to, I
    got creative and asked things like Why did you decided to work here, and
    what keeps you here? Or what would be the first task I had to
    concentrate on in this position? The first question is great and is
    important because if they aren’t happy at their job, you probably wont
    be either. And the second is good because it helps to show you are
    really interested in what you will be doing. Finally, remember to have a
    sense of humor. I tried to think of my interviews as getting to know who
    I wanted to work for more than a test, because they are using it to get
    to know me.

  17. After graduating in ’05, I accepted a position at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory as a software developer working with a team of programmers on data analysis applications for the Chandra X-ray Telescope data center. As a PHYSC track graduate, I’ve always enjoyed computer programming and I am very happy going on my 4th year. I work closely with Scientists and other pre/post doctoral students giving me a clear picture of what graduate school would be like. The hardest part of graduation is determining what you would like to do next. For me, gaining experience as a software developer was the right move.

    The website frequently posts jobs for Physics grads with programming backgrounds. The IT Specialist positions at Grade 9 are the ones to apply to if any of this interests you.

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