Membership in Physics Societies – Benefits

This is the place to discuss the benefits to students and graduates of being member of physics societies such as SPS (Society of Physics Students), APS (American Physics Society), Sigma Pi SIgma, AAS, etc.


3 Responses

  1. Unless you know what specific field you are going to focus on I would go with APS. Check the costs of becoming a member, what journals they provide you with, and associated groups. Sometimes you can attend meetings held by other societies because they also fall under the APS umbrella.
    At a later time you can switch to a more specific society.

  2. With so many organizations out there, I’m wondering about what some of the differences are, and is it better to be a member of an organization more specialized to your job/field/research or a more general organization like APS?

  3. For starters, student membership in APS is free the first year. They mail you a couple of magazines. Most importantly you can submit papers to their Spring and Fall meetings and register for free.

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