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This page is meant for physics club and astronomy club current and past members and all current majors, to communicate with each other, announce events, encourage club participation, and so on.


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  1. Elections for next year’s Physics Club executive board were held. Following last year’s exciting election campaign was this year’s tight voting for VP and PR posts. The final count (16 members voted …out of a possible 85 majors…:( ) gave the new board:
    President: Rob Sobzcak
    Vice President: Zohaib Iqbal
    Secretary: Todd Warren (fall only, additional election will be held next semester)
    Treasurer: John Friedfeld
    Publicist: Brett Cardena

  2. When I first joined the Physics Club here at TCNJ, I never would have imagined the awesomeness that took place when we visited Princeton. Meeting someone who worked on IceCube, being in the presence of both scanning electron microscopes and transmission electron microscopes, and most importantly – fitting my 6 foot 10 stature into a lab suit. What a day!


  4. Please click on View ALL to see a slideshow of the Physics Club visit to Princeton’s Lab.

  5. On Wednesday, we went on a trip to Princeton University to take a tour of their Imaging and Analysis Center and also their Micro-Nano Fabrication Laboratory. We arrived around 12:40pm and they fed us lunch. Shortly after the lunch, we began the tour. For group A, our first stop was the IAC. Jerry, the center manager, showed us the various multi-million dollars equipments in the center. These are things we learned about condensed matter, but to be able to see them in action is a much better experience than just seeing pictures in textbooks or powerpoints. Out next stop was the MNFL. This part of the tour was my personal favorite because of the wonderful clean room suits! 😀 We all put on our suits and walk through the air showers. Mr. Palmer walked us through the various parts of the clean room. We learned quite a bit about the procedure and the techniques for chips fabrication. In both the center and the lab, we have learned the various cutting edge researches that are ongoing at Princeton University, which is practically in our backyard! Overall, this trip was a fun AND education experience for me!

  6. Wow, that Physics Trip to Princeton was pretty amazing. It really allowed you to get an idea of how different superconductor chips are manufactured, and let you see some of the instruments used in Condensed Matter and Materials Science. I was especially impressed with how many advanced pieces of machinery they had, including an Atomic Force Microscope, a Scanning Electron Microscope, a Tunneling Electron Microscope, and an X-ray diffraction machine.

    The best part of course was the clean rooms, and the different things we saw in there. Really informative and entertaining (I thought Joe was a really great lab manager).

    I think we should definitely go back there next year, if possible, so that other members can get a feel for materials science, since it really isn’t introduced to many students until their junior or senior year in college.

  7. Hey everyone, don’t forget to check out the TCNJ Physics Club facebook page. It’s now fairly active with our members posting pictures, videos and links. It’s a great channel for everyone to express his or her ideas and to socialize!

    The link for the page is:
    Physics Club Facebook Link

  8. Just a recap of what happened for the past few months with Physics Club…

    School of Science Carnival: Lots of fun. For anyone that did not attend, the Physics Club booth had projectile launchers were you fire at famous physicists’ faces! Planck was apparently the favorite target of the day. Thanks to Russell Reali, Zohaib Iqbal and Todd Warren for attending the extremely boring meetings. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to man the booth: Noah Franc, Todd Warren, Russell Reali, Megan Torpey, Zohaib Iqbal, Kayla Spector, and Kelsey Brunner.

    Camping trip: Big success!! A little cold but it was pretty awesome! Corey Tong and our very own vice president Russell Reali had worked really hard to make this trip possible. Russell managed to reserve the campsite, canoe trip, and tents, and they both called a lot of places for reservations and shoppings. Thanks to our Treasurer Christian Schmitt for going shopping with Russell and Corey. The trip was well-attended and despite the not-so-ideal weather, everyone huddled around the fire, made merry, and had food. The next day we learned about fluid dynamics and played canoe tag when we were on the river canoeing. All in all, it was a very fun and silly weekend.

    Department Picnic: Even bigger success!! Thanks to Corey Tong for going out to shopping for the additional food. Everyone brought amazing food and drinks! The volleyball games, soccer games, and basketball games are amusing :). As far as I know, everyone, even Jeremy who annihilated his knee, had fun!

    See pictures of these events on Facebook. Photos will also be posted on the Physics Club webpage and the blog… soon-ish… in the near future…

    If you have any ideas for trips or just a get together, don’t be shy about posting them on here or email the club at!

  9. After a brutal, almost bloody election campaign for next year’s Physics Club executive committee, the voters have spoken:

    Cindy Lin, President
    Russell Reali, Vice president
    Todd Warren, Secretary
    Michael Erickson, Webmaster
    Christian Schmidt, Treasurer
    Jeremy Frusco, Publicist

    Twenty one votes were cast in one of the most voted and closest elections in recent times.
    (***some literary freedom was taken to make the post more dramatic*** 🙂

  10. Hey guys, just so you know September 9th is the departmental physics volleyball game. Also it’s the day of the first Astronomy club meeting of the semester!!

    The first physics club meeting for this semester is September 26th.

    Please come out and support the department AND the two clubs!

  11. Hey everyone,

    Darrick and I are starting an astronomy club intramural soccer for the fall 09′. Sorry for ruining your thread cindy as there is no AC club thread.

    Registration starts soon so if anyone is interested please talk to one of us. We will play the easiest league probably (corec) so we need females and males! Honestly, it is just for fun and to get out and get some exercise during the week. I think it will be a lot of fun starting a team, so get involved and meet some new people!

    Also I would like to start a physics/astronomy club co rec intramural softball team in the spring so if your interested drop me an email as well (

  12. Hey guys! Please feel free to blog on here whenever you have an idea for the club. We’ll hopefully plan plenty of events for physics club this year. Some of the ideas I have now are trip to Six Flags or Hershey Park, kite flying contest, and of course all the old events… etc!

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