RoboRacers & SumoBot Competitions

RoboRaces and SumoBot competitions are held every two years. RoboRace V and SumoBot III were held on Thursday, April 29, 2010 in P-309. About 50 majors and guests were present.
After a competitive but friendly event C-Biscuit (Cindy L. & Russell R.) emerged as a winner in the RoboRace. Tohru (Russell R. & Cindy L.) emerged victorious in the SumoBot competition. Congratulations to Cindy and Russell for winning it all. A tiebreaker race was held for second place. Second place beat third place by less than half a CPU (unfortunately in the best pro sports tradition we don’t remember the non winners names!).
Below are a few of the photos of the events. A youtube video will follow (as soon as I learn how to make one).

[rockyou id=157455273&w=426&h=320]


6 Responses

  1. RoboRace VI winner: Mr. Roboto (48.5 s)
    2nd place: Romulan Reamer (51.2 s – 46.7s in runoff)
    3rd place: R2O2 (51.1 s – 52.4s in runoff)
    4th place: Robotrippin (51.75 – last in runoff)
    5th place: Ochoatron
    6th place Fourier Transformer
    7th place Kick deGrasse Tyson
    8th place: Qubot
    10th place: R2Dpoo
    10th place: Carnot Cycler

    Congratulations to Mr. Roboto (Kayla and Megan) for their champion racer!

  2. I’m infinitely honored to have had Darrick and Aliya’s Sumo-bot named after me! That bit of information certainly brightened up my last week of classes, thanks guys, you two are great.

    Oddly enough, your robot placed better than my group’s robot at last year’s sumo battle!

    P.S.: Can’t wait to see you around the Rutger’s physics building next year Darrick

  3. Photos have been uploaded…captions needed!

  4. The pdf file above has been updated. Results posted. Congratulations to Cindy Lin and Russell Reali for crushing the competition. They won RoboRace V with C-Biscuit in a record 35.4 s and SumoBot III with Tohru (winning 5 out of 6 battles.)

  5. The polls have been closed, the results are:
    RoboRacer name:
    Bolt 2307 votes (51%)
    Dem Apples 1816 votes (40%)
    C-Biscuit 368 votes (8%)
    ZoBot 9 votes (~0%)
    BA 8 votes (~0%)
    SumoBot name:
    E. Honda 630 votes (64%)
    Kamikazee 220 votes (22%)
    Tohru 97 votes (10%)
    Calculon 21 votes ( 2%)
    Clamps 12 votes (1%)

    Congratulations to Bolt & E. Honda!!

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