Where do I find info on REU (research) sites?


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  1. Information on MUSE can be found at:


    Summer research opportunities across the US can still be found at the sites indicated in the previous post.

  2. A couple of sites suggested by the SPS director are:

    SPS Summer internships in research and outreach at AIP, APS, NASA, NIST, etc.; deadline Feb. 1


    Thousands of other summer research positions:


  3. I was given this site from a friend of mine it has over 400 opportunities!


    some of the deadlines are past already but if anyone is still looking its a great site you just have to sort through it. Note that it does contain all of the sciences so REU’s range from biology to physics

  4. Make sure to read the posters outside of the physics office, as there can be some good stuff out there.

    REUs that I took part in:

    NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center:

    Cornell University:

    I usually go to the NSF website first, check to see what interests me, then do a few extra google searches to see if I find anything else. There is a lot out there, so start applying!

  5. I attended the Los Alamos Summer School REU in 2003
    It’s a joint venture between the University of New Mexico and Los Alamos National Lab. It was the single most intellectually stimulating experience of my life. They have a wide variety of projects to choose from, both experiment and theory, and you work at LANL. There is also a lecture component, hosted at UNM, with different speakers, all experts in their fields – generally very interesting. Additionally, Los Alamos is beautiful, and I really enjoyed hiking around out there.

  6. I would put in a vote for the Notre Dame REU program.


    While I haven’t gone through the REU, I’ve done the RET for the past two summers at ND QuarkNET. The teachers in the RET and the students in the REU go to the same Wednesday lectures. It seems to be a really quality program with some interesting field trips for the REUs (they go to FermiLab, which always gets my vote!). I suspect that the REU is run with the same quality as the RET, which makes me recommend it highly.

  7. Here is the link to the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Summer Internship program 2009.


    Deadline is Feb 2, 2009

  8. Corey sent me the following links for those interested in biophysics, biomedical, and medical type of research experiences:


  9. Practically all REUs are on the NSF site, since they all receive some kind of NSF funding, I believe. NSF does have them all in a nicely compiled list.

  10. In addition to the sites above, just try putting “physics REU” into google. If you know more specifically what you want to do an REU in, add more key words. The NSF website is helpful, but always remember: just about everybody checks there first, so those will have the most applicants to compete against. Many REU opportunities are not listed on the NSF website, if you look around for them. Look around and ask the upper class physics majors for help if you aren’t finding anything.

  11. You can find some links going to the following site:

    You can also go to:
    which is maintained by the AMerican Institute of Physics.

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